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David R. Hoffman

David R. Hoffman, Senior Vice President
& Chief Accounting Officer

Serving as Cedar Fair’s senior vice president and chief accounting officer since 2012, David R. Hoffman comes in contact with nearly every financial data point collected, measured and reported by the company. Dave’s leadership responsibilities include oversight of finance and accounting, corporate tax, external reporting and financial policies, procedures and controls. He also serves as counselor to the CFO.

Dave’s primary focus since joining Cedar Fair has been to advance the company’s technical competency through a period of rapid growth and expansion, in both scope and scale. Pivotal to that goal, Dave led a companywide initiative to modernize the way in which technical information is collected, managed and reported. The project’s objective was to streamline the flow of information from multiple data gathering and reporting systems to a centralized data repository, furnishing management with contemporaneous and essential intelligence and insight about park operations and performance.

Prior to serving in his current position, Dave was vice president of finance and corporate tax, since 2010. He joined the company in 2006 as vice president of corporate tax. Before working for Cedar Fair, Dave served as a business advisor with Ernst & Young. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Toledo and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan. Dave is a member of AICPA and OICPA.

At age 18, Dave obtained a pilot license, later flying aerial advertising banners/billboards behind acrobatic “taildragger” airplanes in the skies over major events, including football games at the University of Michigan, his eventual alma mater for his MBA.

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