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Duffield E. (Duff) Milkie

Duffield E. (Duff) Milkie, Executive Vice President,
General Counsel
and Corporate Secretary

Duffield E. Milkie serves as Cedar Fair’s executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary. Duff joined as corporate vice president in December 2008, was appointed as corporate secretary in February 2012, and promoted to his current position in January 2015.

As general counsel, Duff serves as ‘quarterback’ for all of the company’s legal affairs, including the management and coordination of several outside firms specializing in specific areas of law. As corporate secretary, he is official record keeper for the board of directors, retaining and protecting the most vital and sensitive corporate information. Duff also serves as an integral part of the company’s business development efforts, seeking to add new lines of business, optimize existing lines, or vertically integrate business that can leverage or expand the company’s core competencies or broaden its entertainment portfolio.

Duff has been the driver behind the public private partnership that led to the development of the Cedar Point Sports Center. The Sports Center includes a best in class, outdoor facility featuring 10 synthetic multi-purpose fields and a 145,000 sq. foot multi-purpose indoor facility scheduled to open in 2019. Duff also led successful talks between Cedar Fair and the San Francisco 49ers. The NFL team is parking lot neighbors with California’s Great America, which through Duff’s negotiations became the official host and sponsor of the 49ers’ pre-game tailgate festivities known as the “Red Zone Rally.”

Duff attended the University of Toledo where he graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology, then earned his Juris Doctor. In 2013 he was a nominee finalist for the annual Crain’s General & In-House Counsel Awards in Cleveland. Duff serves as a director for Fireland’s Regional Medical Center; director and treasurer for the Erie County YMCA Foundation; board president for Sandusky Central Catholic School (SCCS); director for the Erie County Port Authority; and director for First National Bank of Bellevue.

Duff’s ardent curiosity about Alaska’s deep sea fishing industry led him to take a job at Dutch Harbor, working on the very docks featured in the reality television series Deadliest Catch. Mere weeks after President Reagan famously implored, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, Duff, having boarded a Russian fishing boat docked at the harbor and seeing a photo of Vladimir Lenin prominently displayed over the ship’s mess hall table, was struck by the dramatic cultural differences between the two countries. The fact this all occurred on the 4th of July, when he found himself celebrating America’s Independence Day with Russian fisherman, became a highlight of Duff’s Dutch Harbor adventure he’ll never forget.

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